We currently meet at the Raymond Community Center next to the Raymond Theater at Noon.  Our next meeting is November 14.  Please review the minutes below to see the exciting things we are working on now.  

Alliance for a Better Community

September 12, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 12:02 PM

Attendance: Chair – Jewel Hardy, Secretary – Kat Staats, ABC Board member- Treasurer- Sally McMinn, and our guest, Megan Fiess.

Approval of Minutes: Correction to the reference to a Career Fair notation was changed to correct on the August minutes as follows:

Megan Fiess is working with ABC to create a career industry event that will meet hiring demands in Pacific County.

Sally made a motion to approve the August minutes with the correction noted above.  Kat seconded, the minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report: Checking account activity was limited to the Raymond Community Center fiscal entries.  $45.00 was deposited representing meeting room rent of $25.00 and two mail in donations of $10.00 each.  There was also a $60.00 expense for the dump run in August for disposal of refrigerator items.  Treasurer’s Report agrees with checkbook and statement balance.

Old Business

·         Community Center Update

o   RCC (Raymond Community Center) committee was not present.

·         Theatre Update

o   Tony Nordin – Mayor was not present to give an update regarding the Theater.

·         Grant Update

o   Ocean Spray – ABC was approved for $2,000!  W-9 has been returned.  Money not yet received.  These funds are allocated for safety mats @ Riverview Center.

o   Jessica Case from Medina conducted a site visit on 8/30 and gathered some details about our grant request.  She will be contacting for any follow up details to take to her panel that will give a decision in mid-October.

New Business

·         Soft Skills Programming – Nancy Estergard sent some information about bringing a class to GHC Riverview Center.  Support needs to be documented to justify the effort to add another class locally.  It is already offered in Grays Harbor.

·         Guest, Megan Fiess, gave a presentation and strategy planning for the remainder of our meeting.  Fast notes and slow brain on my part with results as follows:

Megan Fiess is with the Thurston Chamber, who is the Business Solutions contractor for the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council who operates our local WorkSource system.

Megan provided a wealth of information and a vote was taken to approve for her to arrange for a team visit to collect partners and host a Try a Trade event in the Spring. Our community challenges include:

·         At this time there is no Career 911 Entity.  

·         No Americorps direction for Business Week.  

·         Not enough skilled workers in the pipeline.

·         6.7% unemployed.

Megan brings opportunities for contracts and grants.  The Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council will release their local Community Impact Grants soon and Megan will guide us to the application and will provide technical support as appropriate.  

First we need to identify our resources and leverage with what we have.  It is vital to spark conversation about WHAT WE CAN DO rather than what we can’t. WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) calls for practitioners to get into the community. Their goal is to see a hiring event in each county that aligns with current initiatives like Pathways to Prosperity. Megan has the opinion that ABC could be eligible for funding to be the lead for a resource hiring event in the Spring.  The key is to start small and cultivate. Data can be found on their website, pacmtn.org. PM will also be funding community impact grants beginning in January.  This would be a drive for community prosperity. 

The elements of the resource hiring event would be a vision as follows:

1.      Concentrate on forest providers (Weyerhaeuser, Sierra Pacific, DNR).

2.      Cultivate case loads for Uplift and other youth provider programs.

3.      Build partners to showcase their programs.

4.      Include entire family/multiple generation support.

5.      Logistics include place-food-tents for outdoor, tools, operator equipment. 

 It was discussed that other events prior to the Spring event could be avenues to publicize and raise awareness.  These events include:

October - Careers 911 – Medical field 

November 6 – Willapa Harbor College and Career Fair

December – Business Week 

Megan informed of strategy of justifying support by leveraging partners such as Pac Mountain (Jim Sayce and Lisa Olsen are Board Members), Economic Development Council (Jim Directs), Education Service District (ESD), Rural Development Institute, Workforce Development Council (Uplift-Adam is a connect), Pacific County Youth Alliance (PCYA) and Teen Advocacy Coalition (TAC), DSHS, Coastal Community Action, WorkSource/ResCare, as well as Schools. 

In the future, rather than have separate entities requesting funding, perhaps annual events such as these could be applied for by ABC as a wrap-around grant to fund Careers 911, Business Week, and Try a Trade.  The entities could then receive a portion of the larger grant by distribution from ABC..

Meeting adjourned at 1:33 pm – Next ABC meeting is October 10 at Noon at the Raymond Community Center-PUBLIC IS ALWAYS WELCOME!












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