YOU can make a difference by registering support for a new pilot curriculum at the Grays Harbor College annex at Riverview Center.  ALLIANCE FOR A BETTER COMMUNITY (ABC) will seek funding to bring a pilot course to the center for nine weeks.  During that time there will be no cost for this training for students or adults.  This will be a benefit to employers as well as those seeking work.

Please use the attached template to send us a support letter that will demonstrate community need and support.  This is important for our grant application process.



PO Box 821

Raymond, WA  98577 


Dear Alliance for a Better Community: 

It has been brought to (my/our) attention your local non-profit is working on a project to bring a job savvy curriculum course to the Grays Harbor Annex at Riverview Center.   

It is evident that this course would enhance any school curriculum and be of benefit to those seeking employment to instill common sense basic soft skills that form good character, instill self-confidence, reliability, and resiliency for youth and adults.  It would also benefit employers in their staffing selection process. 

ABC has been working in our community since 2004.  We trust the ability of this organization to gain funding to fund a pilot course and would hope it would become sustainable going forward.  Thank you for the opportunity to register our support for this project. 

Warm regards


(your salutation here)






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